Repairing a Behringer BCF2000

My beloved Behringer BCF2000 midi controller was already broken when I bought it used over 10 years ago. The guy that sold this unit to me didn’t tell me that fader one didn’t move by itself and something was loose inside the case.

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Like pixels in the wind

I did a short lecture on my first year as a glitch video hardware maker at Like pixels in the wind. Here are a few links from the lecture that I mentioned or that I think are interesting.

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This is a project that was initiated by Jonas Bers. The original version uses the same hex inverter as I used in the Thunder Honey synth. After experimenting a bit I decided to use LTC1799 oscillators instead of the 40106 hex inverter. The brain in this project is a Chinese VGA test image generator that … Continue reading

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The Stormtrooper hack

I bought a dancing Stormtrooper in Tokyo that I hoped was going to interface with our Hello Kitty and Goofy. To my disappointment Disney had decided that combination to be too silly so they’ve made sure to have flipped connectors on the Stormtrooper and different size podium to make sure the toys do not match up properly.

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Minus minus equals plus

Someone suggested that I should combine two of my shitty audio projects to see if they sound better together.

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The Thunder Honey synth

I went to an event at the SAE Institute in Stockholm where a fella by the name of Daniel Pettersson showed how to make a simple square wave synth with help of a hex inverter chip.

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The Dela-la-lay effect pedal

Everybody seems to be ordering cheap stuff from Ali Express so I wanted to try it out too. I also wanted to see if I was skilled enough to assemble a kit. I decided on a delay guitar pedal kit for $19.99.

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The Simple Passive Glitcher

For a long time I’ve been wanting to make video glitch hardware but I didn’t know where to start. At a¬†electric flee market I stumbled upon a bag of VGA breakout boards and thought that the VGA signal must be pretty convenient to hack into since all signals are split up on different pins. Said … Continue reading

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Repairing a MIDI-keyboard

A couple of years ago I gave a MIDI keyboard to my wife since she wanted to start playing again. Our daughter and her friend played around with it and accidentally dropped it on the floor causing it to break. The warranty was out and my wife kept nagging med to fix it.

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Arduino TV Out

I was trying to make the Arduino TV Out project work. You can do some simple black & white stuff. The hard part is getting a video signal strong enough to show up and lock vertically on a monitor or a projector.

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