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Ableton Live <- OSC - > Modul8

This is a proof of concept. If you install the OSC folders from the mlrV4live* package you can get Ableton Live to send and receive OSC messages. Modul8 doesn’t of course react to OSC messages from Live but with some minor alterations of the OSC (global) module I got it to translate the messages to something useful. The module only sends and receives one message at the time right now but if people show interest in this module I could turn it into something more useful. I’m pretty new at Live and the OSC protocol so I learn as I go along. Ableton seems to send OSC messages for all events. MIDI notes does not seem to be sent over OSC but on the other hand they don’t really benefit from the higher resoluton of the OSC protocol.

* mlrV4live can be downloaded here. And this video explains how to install the OSC folders in the Live application.

The music in the video are tracks from the song The Great Fashionista Swindle by Dada Life that I downloaded from

[Edit: I developed my thoughts a bit further in the Modul8 forum.]


  1. This is really GREAT man!!! I have tried lot of ways to sync Live and Modul8 and the OSC seems to be the best one!! Need help? I can beta test your module and give you big feedback right now if you like, would be a pleasure. Mail me.

  2. Yeah, keep up the good work, I certainly want more of this! ^^

  3. Hiya. I too have started playing around updating the osc mod. I seem to have a method for mapping (like the midi/keyboard mapping functions). It should also now send osc to the modules! I think a while ago you asked me for osc support in the layer sequencer, so it sort of came about from that. It would probably be a good idea if we could rub neurones together and get a combined update, as your ideas for ableton are very interesting…

  4. The Midi Thief The Midi Thief

    Yeah, sure! I have another (unfinished) project with a modified OSC module too that sends OSC to other modules just like yours. I think a module like that is of more importance but I think we could add the OSC dispatch (for Live etc) functions pretty easily. It would be nice to see what you have come up with so far and I’d be happy to show/share what I’ve done and collaborate on a kick ass OSC (global) update/mod.

  5. this is incredible!
    keep on working
    i dont know of programming but i will love to make a vj set that is directly influenced
    by live.

    Keep working!

  6. Thanks, Cesi, but you don’t need this module nor any programming skills to make a VJ set that is directly influenced by Ableton Live. Many people already does this over the well known MIDI protocol. This module makes it possible to use the OSC protocol which has higher resolution messages. Take a look at Live + Midi + Modul8 and see what you can do. There are a lot of tips on how to work in the Modul8 forum.

    • Emmanuel Emmanuel

      Hi Andy, as mentioned below I’m trying to look into the OSC(Global) module to bend it to my will (nothing to do with ableton, i’m actually trying to get modul8 to control something, and also the holy grail of getting OSC in/out of other modules) and I’m having a really hard time getting to grips with it as it’s very different from other modules i’ve worked on, is there any way i could get a hold of the OSC module you’ve been working on? I’m not looking for any specific solution really… just could be useful to see how others have modified the basic OSC module…

      please let me know


  7. Sébastien Harvey Sébastien Harvey


    I’m actually working on a MaxForLive device that allows to sync, link or map a lot of things in Ableton Live to almost everything in Modul8.

    I’m not a VJ and I’m doing that just for the fun of learning programming, but I think it will be a fun device, pretty usefull.

    It’s a really simple console. With 4 mouse click you link what you want. It works with the OSC-global module.

    Would you like to try it and give me your comments about the bugs and missing features ?

    Have a good day.

  8. Sébastien, I’m interested and I emailed you, but I never got anyhing back.

  9. Mathias Mathias


    If it’s still working, I’m ready to be a beta tester. I’m not a newbie at live. (electronic french band)

    Well done by the way ! Marvellous.

  10. Mathias, I haven’t worked on this any further but I’m thinking of looking into it again to see if there’s a new version of OSC for Ableton. Since it doesn’t send any note data from Ableton I still see Midi as more powerful for a/v performances. So as for now OSC is only sent from effects, volume and pan (etc) controls. Let me know if you still find it that limitation interesting.

  11. Robocrosse Robocrosse

    very very nice job man. I’m drooling to see this thing work with ableton, it would be soooooo usefull!!!


  12. You guys probably be better off if you tried to make Live play with Modul8 over MIDI instead of OSC (there are many tutorials out there). That being said, I have to look if there has been any progress with the unofficial OSC support in Live.

  13. Emmanuel Emmanuel

    hello midi thief, i was wondering if there was any chance i could have a look at your modified OSC module? I’m trying my best to customise the OSC(global) module myself but am finding it really hard to follow as its’ structure is very different to others i’ve worked on…
    I’m hoping looking at your code will help clear things up.

    Please let me know

    • Hi Emmanuel!
      At the moment I don’t have the time to gather the right version and unfortunately no time to answer questions about the code. I’m pretty sure that the code is worse than the original module since I’ve been experimenting without bothering to clean up. Maybe I can give you a copy later but not now. I’m planning on revisiting this project when I get more time.

  14. ove dahl ove dahl


    Where can I download mlrV4live?
    The link is broken…

    Best regards
    ove dahl

  15. Mlr4live is old now. I doubt it will work with newer versions of Live. I quickly browsed through the Monome forum to find the latest version. I found this:
    This is the video that shows how to install it in Live. But not that he says in the post above that the folders have changed. You might want to investigate how it’s different from the video.

    There are some other newer solutions that probably works better:

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