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Syphon input in Modul8

Note: Modul8 will have Syphon input from version 2.7. If you own a Modul8 licence you can download the 2.7 beta from your GarageCube user space. Native Syphon input will render this tutorial useless. 

While waiting for Modul8 to get real Syphon input you can use this method to achieve it.
The files you need to make this work could be found on these sites:
QC Rehab plugin at
Syphon plugins


  1. blvck blvck

    Great video and exciting too see Modul8 in full development mode once again!

    Is it possible to run the v.002 plugins now in Modul8 with Syphon?

  2. Well, yes, in a way. But it’s really not as convenient as in VDMX and CoGe where you pipe a layer through a Quartz Composer plugin. If you want to get one of Vade’s plugins to work in Modul8 you need to do one of the following:

    1. Run a movie clip in QC, put one or more v002 effects on it and send the clip to Modul8 via Syphon. It’s not that convenient but if you set up midi controls in QC you can control the parameters of the effects while being in Modul8. That is what I’m doing in the beginning of this video. I have an image of the QC comp on Flickr. I’m using 8 different movie sources in QC that I can switch between using a multiplexer patch and a midi controller.

    2. Send the whole output from Modul8 to QC via Syphon, apply the effects in QC and send the final QC output to the screen. This will actually give you better frame rate since you are using Syphon in the official direction in Modul8. The backside is that you are modifying the whole output not just one layer. This is the method I was going to use in the above mentioned video. But due to that my partner didn’t use the same method it became a problem trying to match our screens in the video mixer. I never managed to stretch the output the same way that you can do in Modul8 with the advanced output. But then again, I’m really a QC n00b.

  3. awesome, this was the final missing link for me:
    Serato > Mix Emergency > Syphon >Modul8
    Still haven’t tried it out live but i got it all working!
    Thanks for all your awesome tutorials, i like the squirrels.

  4. Thanks Orion! I’d love to see videos of that working. It always imagined that Serato and a VJ app as a cool combo but sometimes things don’t turn out as great in reality as they do in my wet VJ fantasies.

  5. Thanks for your great tutorial Mike, got it running this afternoon. Lots of fun.

    One problem I found, not covered in your video, was a lack of existence of the patches folder. May not apply to all systems. Due to permission problems, creating this folder is not straight forward:-
    Create a folder on the desktop.
    Rename it ‘Quartz Composer Patches’
    Copy the QC Rehab patch into the newly created folder.

    Good luck people.
    Move folder into ‘Library/Graphics/’

  6. nikolina nikolina

    you know how this things function on Lion? on is no explanation how to instal plugins, and how i am very very new to all these things i get confused.. any help would be great!
    thank youuu 🙂

    • @nikolina: As far as I know Syphon is compatible with Lion and I’ve heard other people getting the QC Rehab trick working on Lion so the answer is yes. I don’t have Lion installed yet myself and I will wait as long as I can to install it. If you watch the video it says where the plugin goes. But to explain it further in text: The Syphon plugin (syphon.plugin) goes in the folder :
      Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins
      This is the Library folder on your main hard drive, not the one in you user folder. The QCRehab plugin (QCRehab.plugin) goes in the folder:
      Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches
      Note that the Library folder is translated to the language you are using in OSX so it might not be called “Library”. If any of these folders doesn’t exist you should follow Andy T’s instructions higher up in this thread.
      Good luck!

  7. ojhan ojhan

    could you please give some post about live video and set it delay? and which is dslr camera support?

    • @ojhan: This is NOT super simple but if you are willing to put some effort into it there are some great tutorials on how to do it. However, the tutorials I’m aware of are for OSX.

      I would look in to the video delay plugin for Quartz Composer and VDMX made by Bangnoise: Quartz Composer is a patched based programing environment from Apple that comes with OSX (it’s on the Developer disc or you can download it from VDMX is a VJ software from Vidvox ( If you learn a bit of Quartz Composer you can modify Bangnoise’s example to do exactly what you want with the delay.

      If you want to use Bangnoise’s video delay plugin with Modul8 you can look at the instructions I gave Orion in this thread:
      The example is for Bangnoise’s Datamosh plugin but it should work the same way with the video delay comp. So you will send the output from Quartz Composer to Modul8 over Syphon. Note that you can’t use the same camera in QC and Modul8 at the same time.

      Maybe there are simpler ways to do this in other software but nothing that I am aware of at this time.

  8. Jean Jean

    Hello MidiThief,

    I’m relatively new in the VJ world and I can’t manage to do the link Max/MSP>syphon>Modul8.

    What I have is a max patch that can record live input and loop it. I wish to use it as a clip in modul8.

    Is it possible to have this Syphon QCclient reading an Syphon Max Server?(I’m not getting the syphon client/server relation thing, as you can see)

    How would you do it?

    Cheers from Brazil,
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jean!
      Yes it’s possible. Download the Syphon Simple Client app so that you can see that you are outputting properly from Max (do you the Syphon plugin for Max Properly installed?). Then make sure you have the QC Rehab plugin installed and load the Syphon Client QC.qtz file on a layer in Modul8. Your Max comp should now be visible in Modul8 if you can see it in the Simple Clinet app. Note that Syphon Client QC.qtz will display the first Syphon input, so if you have more applications outputting to Syphon you will make sure it’s first in line or change the Syphon Client QC.qtz to pick up the right stream. I don’t do Max so I can’t help you more on that side.

  9. Jean Jean

    Thanks for the quick answer!
    I helped a lot. Actually the max side was the problem, the syphon max server is a little annoying to set up and actually require other objects to simply be on your patch..

    Well, after all everything is running as it should

    Thank you very much!


  10. Juan Camilo Valencia Juan Camilo Valencia

    Hi MidiThief,

    I´m from colombia, i´m not VJ but i´m trying to lear all about mapping and visual effects, i think that syphon is a really good tool to proyect program images, can syphon show the image from traktor or virtual dj in modul8 ?.

    can you tell me what is the best program to make mapping in buildings ?

    • Hello Juan Camilo Valencia!
      Syphon itself can’t show images from other programs. These programs must be able to send to Syphon which they can’t. You need a screen capture program that supports Syphon to do that. There is one in the Syphon SVN but you have to compile it yourself in Xcode which is not that easy if you’re not familiar with the process. Here are some other methods you can use:
      Vade’s Screen Capture for Quartz Composer and send it to a Syphon server
      – Instead of Modul8 you can use VDMX and CoGe that has built in screen capture
      – Or the easiest way (but with less quality) you can use CamTwist that will get the windows from Traktor or Virtual DJ and export them so that you can use it as camera input in Modul8.

  11. Joe Joe

    I loaded everything step by step and when I drop the syphon client QC.qtz in the media box it does not show up or wont load? do you know what I did wrong? I tried on the demo and a full version? I dont know what I did wrong? please help

    • Hi Joe!
      – You need at least 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to run Syphon.
      – Have you installed the latest version of Syphon? And have you installed the same version of QC Rehab as me?
      – Are you 100% sure the Syphon plugin and the QC Rehab plugin has gone in to the right folder with the right names?
      – Do you have the latest version of Modul8?
      – Download the Simple Client from the Syphon site. If you send Syphon from Modul8, from Quartz Composer or any other Syphon abled app, do you see anything coming in to the Simple Client? This is the easiest way to test if the Syphon chain is working.

      Good luck, let me know how it goes.

  12. Juan Antonio Galvez Juan Antonio Galvez

    Hello! Thanks for the video, but i have a question, i can do the same but with modul8 in the output? i hope your responses, sorry for my english it’s too bad!


    • Yes, in the latest version of Modul8 you have official Syphon output. What I show in the video is the unofficial way of getting Syphon input which is yet not supported by Modul8 (it will be, hopefully in the next release, possibly later this year).

  13. Mike Mike

    Hey! Thank you so much for these videos and all your help and support on here and on

    I am extremely new to VJing and video mapping so I’m sorry if I seem a little slow on how to do these things. I am usually very good with software being that I have been producing music on several different platforms for years.

    My question is:

    I am trying to install plugins but the folder /library/graphics doesn’t exist on my computer. Is it possible to install the plugins into another folder and get Modul8 to interact with that folder?
    Also, it doesn’t even show an option for Syphon in the output dropdown in Modul8.

    Again thank you so much for you time and patience! It is very much appreciated!


    • Mike Mike

      ….again, I apologize for having no solid knowledge on video mixing. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help you provide people with in the VJ scene.. you rock!

    • Hi Mike!
      The only two reasons I know of regarding Syphon not showing up in the menu are:
      1) You don’t have the latest version of Modul8
      2) You don’t have OSX 10.6.8 or later.
      Those are the requirements. But I’ve heard of one occasion when it still didn’t work. Try trashing the preferences. Turn off Modul8 go in to Preferences in [your user folder]/library/preferences the files are called something starting with “com.garagecube”. Start Modul8 again and see if it shows up. If that doesn’t work, contact Garagecube and they could help you further.

      As for the folder question: You have to put the plugin in that specific folder. Read Andy T’s comment in this thread on how to create that folder if it doesn’t exist.

      Good luck!

      • Mike Mike

        Thank you so much for the help! I definitely do have 10.6.8 and the latest Modul8 release. I’ll try trashing the prefs.

        You’re the man!

        p.s. your demoreel visuals are awesome!
        I can’t wait to get going with projection mapping and live video effects.

  14. Ian Ian


    just for fun you can edit your QC plug, opening it in QC and modifying the Structure Index Member patch. Selecting it and displaying parameters shows you an index dial.
    Actually selects which syphon instance is comin out of the plug. Make an export wit index 0, an export wit index 1 etc naming them and you can have your multiple syphon instances in modul8… neat as.

    • Ian Ian

      which is what you replied to Jean on 12/12/11…

  15. Ian Ian

    also cool to change the billboard patch inspector settings to Real Size so your 4/3s dont get cropped to 16/9.

  16. jay jay


    This has been a huge help. I followed everything in this tutorial and have the syphon logo streaming to Modul8. I am trying to get the live feed from my iphone via the Airbeam app and that’s where i’ve hit a wall. Any idea on what i might be missing here. I had understood that Airbeam was Syphon supported, Modul8 is and now i’ve done this tutorial but alas, can’t get the footage to show up in modul8.

    • Hi Jay! I’m not 100% sure what’s going on and I won’t install Airbeam again since it was messing with my system the last time.
      However I do have an idea: The Syphon qtz file that you are dropping in to Modul8 reads the first input in the Syphon server. So if you already have something running that is using Syphon already, like the Syphon test app (that shows the Syphon logo) it will steal the first spot on the server. To check this run Syphon’s “Simple Client” app and see in what order your Airbeam input comes in. If you can’t see Airbeam you’re having problem with Airbeam. If you see Airbeam and it’s not number 1 you have to ways to solve it.
      1. Close the the other apps that uses Syphon. Check that Airbeam is no 1 and relaunch Modul8 and load the qtz file.
      2. If that doesn’t work or if you need to have Airbeam in another spot than no 1 you can alter the qtz file in Quartz Composer to read from the other spot.
      Let’s see what if we get native Syphon input in the new Modul8 version that will be released any day now (I doubt it though). I have an idea how I might make this process a little bit easier with a module.

      • RC RC


        Thanks for crafting this puppy! I’m trying to put Airbeam Syphon Modul8 to work for a theatre production, and I’ve managed to get Mobiola in, and just now managed to get Airbeam in to Modul8 by using your how-to, and it’s much appreciated —

        Is it possible to get multiple Iphone Airbeam Syphons into Modul8 using the Syphon Client QC? (I.e. Airbeam 1, Airbeam 2, etc?)

        Thanks for taking the time to help people, yer a very good thief!

        • Hi RC!
          I don’t know if Airbeam can send more than one stream to the Syphon server (if not, consider trying copying the Airbeam app, rename it or movie it to another location and see if it let’s you run several instances of the same app).
          On the Modul8 side you will need to have several versions of the qtz file that reads the different streams from the Syphon server. The original Syphon Client qtz file reads from the first input in the server as explained in my answer to Jay. You can try my three modified qtz-files that reads the first, second and third stream in the Syphon sever.

          If you have Quartz Composer installed you can easily make more files if you need to access more video streams.
          Do so by changing the index number in the “Structure Index Member” patch. Just remember that the first index is zero.

  17. Jay Jay

    So great. Thanks for this. One more question though, how do i check to see what place my airbeam signal is coming in at? Is that is modul8 and if so where or is that is the airbeam page that pops up when i open the app? Or is it somewhere else all together? Many thanks for your help!

    • That’s what you use the “Simple Client” app for. You will see the order in the dropdown menu. You can download the app from the official Syphon page.

  18. jay jay

    Hey, it worked! Thanks so much for your help!

  19. Mister Paul Mister Paul

    The Midi Thief, Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
    I tried to install files from your tutorial and saw an alert message in the Kineme page : “The Official API Subpatch Support plugin is deprecated.”

    What should we do: still install this file?
    (I haven’t seen any updated file)

    Thanks for your help

    • It still works for me. I’d just try it and see if it works – if not, remove QC Rehab. I wouldn’t be so worried about it being depreciated. Hopefully Syphon input will be enabled before QC Rehab stops working.

  20. Hi, is It possible to Modul8 read the “Syphon Client QC” file in another size than 640×480? I’ve made a QC file that shows two Twitter feeds but It’s a little wide (1920×480) and Modul8 just crops It when load Syphon Client. Thanks!

    • I had to try it out for myself. The answer is yes. I got the best result when saving the “Syphon Client QC” file as a QuicktTime mov file and specifying 1920×480. In Modul8 just be sure to set your preview panel to 4/1. That should do it!

  21. Steftiz Steftiz

    Hi ,
    am new in the VJ’s world, so i’d like first of all to thank you for your video and tutto, and before buying the original version of both Madmapper and Modul8 i’d like to ask why the other layers doesn’t appear in madmapper 1.0.2 even after doing all what you said? am using Modul8 2.6 , the syphon works pretty for home use only 😉 not for commercial, and i’ve a great respect for the dev of the programs .
    thanks for answering me.

    • Hi Steftiz and welcome to the VJ scene!
      Check my new note on this post. Modul8 will have navtive Syphon input from the next version that is now in beta. I’m not sure when it’s going to be released but I’d guess within a month or two.

      As for MadMapper – it seems like you haven’t gathered the whole concept yet. You will not get each Modul8 layer in MadMapper. What you do is that you use the layers in Modul8 to create one large texture that is sent over Syphon to MM. So there will only be ONE layer in MM. There should be plenty of tutorials to show how it works. You can also check out something called MADdoubler which is part of the MADlab pack.

      Good luck mapping!

  22. Guys i dont get it , i dont see a syphon output option like in all the tutorials. i tried Modul8 2.5 and 2.6.2 and there is no option to OUTPUT to syphon.

    i tried a app for madmapper using syphon and madmapper can load a syphon input.

    Can anyone help please??

    info (at) stushapiro (dot) com

    • 1. Do you have OSX 10.6 or later? That is needed for Syphon to work.
      2. Do you have a valid Modul8 licence?

      If you answered yes to the two questions above, go to and download the Simple Server/Client.
      3. Run the Simple Server. If you select the Syphon Input in MadMapper, do you see the Syphon logo?

      If it’s not working and you have a valid licence, contact the Garagecube support. They will help you.

  23. Marxx Marxx

    Hi Midi
    One question: Is it possible to use more than 1 syphon sources simultaneously in madmapper? For example: Modul8 and Mad_Equalizer.
    Can you explain about it?

    Cheers from Brazil,
    Thanks in advance!

  24. Mark Mark

    Hey Midi Thief! Man I’ve spent all day trying to figure out why my modul8 isn’t sending layers to my mad mapper through the Syphon after this tutorial but I just saw in the past comments that that is not what this is all about.

    I have the Simple Server playing in my Modul8 right now so I know I’m on to the right track… BUT NOW WHAT? haha I’ve spent so many hours trying to figure this out but I can’t. What can I expect in the end? I guess a bunch of different layers in Modul8 turns into one big layer in MadMapper to chose quadrants from? If so then how do I do that because right now myMadMapper is only showing the Simple Server logo no matter what I do to it in Modul8. Please help and thanks for the tutorials!

    • Hello Mark!
      As you hopefully noticed, the tutorial on that page is out of date. Modul8 now has native Syphon support, so you don’t have to use the methods in that tutorial. So my first question to you would be what version of Modul8 and what version of OSX are you running?

      • Mark Mark

        I see that the new version has the Syphon support. However, at this time I am using 2.6 that does not have the Syphon support and I cannot update at this time due to a missing serial #. I am running 10.9.5 OSX

        • Do you have any other Syphon apps working? I’m not sure if QC Rehab works on 10.9.x. Did you get the latest Syphon plugin for Quartz Composer? And the latest “Syphon Server Client QC.qtz”.

          Have you tried recovering your serial from GarageCube? They are usually really helpful. If there is one to recover that is.

  25. Mark Mark

    Yes, I have the latest of each. I have no serial to recover. I feel like I’m on the right track as I can see the server logo in Modul8 and Madmapper. After that though I’m not quite sure what the end game is. Mapping a video from Modul8 onto surfaces, but it seems from what I’ve read you can’t change the videos in Modul8 and have them change in Madmapper at the same time.

  26. cassidy cassidy

    Do you know how to connect a live and wireless video feed from iphone to Modul8 via Airbeam?

  27. cassidy cassidy

    I have installed Syphon for Quartz composer but cannot locate it anywhere on my computer (Yosemite). I have simple server and simple client .

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