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The Midi Thief on the Audiovisual Academy

A couple of my tutorials are now featured on the Audiovisual Academy site. You can even get them with english and russian subtitles. You have to join the academy (for free) to watch them. There’s a bunch of other stuff to watch and learn on that site so be sure to check it out.

TouchOSC and Modul8 over Core MIDI

Synchronization of images and video with the beat in Modul8

The Swedish VJ Union has also become a content partner so there will find more content from yours truly on the site in the future. And hopefully from other VJU writers too.


  1. Good afternoon I would like to join the academy, we are laboring with video mapang in Brazil.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. Finding lots of good resources on your website

  3. Hey man,Thanks for the Tutorials Big question !How does your ovrehead mics sound after all those splits?I get a really artifact-ed sound when I do this Do you have any special set up on on how your auto fade times are set?I find if I cross-fade and not just split (fade in and out) I get a much more smooth sound.Thanks again!

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