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The (tmt) Slide Frames module

This is a Modul8 module that plays videos and folders with images frame by frame. When you use a folder of images you are not bound by the limits of the media set – you can use as many images as you like. For timing you have two options:

“Time” which is 1-30 seconds. Use the dial to fine tune.

The second option is “BPM” which relies on the beat from the BPM (global) module  or the (at) BPM (global) module (i prefer the latter, DON’T run both at the same time). If you don’t set a beat or pick up a MIDI Clock from an external source, nothing will happen in the Slide Frames module when running in BPM mode.

“Step Manually” will let you walk forward or backward frame by frame even if the module’s on button is not pressed.

The module relies on Modul8’s ability to treat a folder of images as a movie. Don’t make the images bigger than your output screen resolution. The images should be in 72 dpi resolution except for if you are showing the final output on a Retina screen, in that case you can save them in 150 dpi. I’ve tried using Png and Jpeg images. I use Pngs when I need to have a transparent background and I use Jpeg for photos. You can experiment with the quality settings – you might get away with something less than 100%.

If you have a lot of images to resize, consider using Photoshop’s batch tool or something similar to automate the process. I use Photoshop’s “Save for web” to get the small file sizes. The key is that you want as small files size as possible.

Registered Modul8 users can download the (tmt) Slide Frames module from Modul8’s Online Library.


  1. Pythex Pythex

    Greaaaat! Just what I was looking for (the manual option).
    Question: does it have any transition/fade capabilities or it is just cuts to the next image?

    • Transition/fade is not possible to do in an easy way when using this method.
      You can search the Garagecube forum, some people found some creative way around it, if I remember correctly.

  2. thomas thomas


    thanks for this great modul. exactly what i need !
    but, i try it first with latest modul8 release (2.7.2) and themodul cannot loop the movie (either in bpm or time mode, either with a movie or media folder) it just stop at last frame…
    only solution is to hide show the layer or click on start/end knob to play it one more time… not really easy do play his way.

    however y tried wit older M8 version (2.5) and it works fine !

    do you have any suggestion (exept playing show with 2.5 …)

    thans for your help (and everything you’ve done for us )


    • Yeah. There was a bug in a keyword that I had a workaround for. In the latest version of Modul8 the keyword bug is fixed but that causes the module to stop.
      Unfortunately I have stopped using Modul8 but maybe if I have time left I will be able to fix it at some point.

      • Tom Tom

        Thanks for sharing with your module! However I can’t figure out how to / where to choose a folder from which this slide show will happen.

        • Hi Tom!
          You can just drop the folder into the media set. I haven’t updated this module in a loooong time and I’m realising that it doesn’t loop now. It only plays the content of the folder once for some reason.

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