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Repairing a MIDI-keyboard

A couple of years ago I gave a MIDI keyboard to my wife since she wanted to start playing again. Our daughter and her friend played around with it and accidentally dropped it on the floor causing it to break. The warranty was out and my wife kept nagging med to fix it. I wasn’t sure my skills was on the skill level that I could fix things yet. I’m pretty good at breaking things during my experiments however. But since the warranty was out anyway I thought it didn’t hurt to open up the keyboard and have a peek inside.


After removing a lot of screws and loosening a few wires I could see that the USB port had come of the board. It really like something I could easily fix. I bought a new port the next day. The only tricky part was removing all pieces of the broken port. With the new port in place I connected it to the computer. It should show up on the computer even if the keys weren’t connected yet. The computer said “yes”, so I put the board back in the case, attached the cables and screwed it back together and ran a final test with sound and all.

You might be laughing at me now. It wasn’t any major surgery, but I was quite proud to actually have repaired something.

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