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The Dela-la-lay effect pedal

Everybody seems to be ordering cheap stuff from Ali Express so I wanted to try it out too. I also wanted to see if I was skilled enough to assemble a kit. I decided on a delay guitar pedal kit for $19.99. It was essentially all the parts needed for the Rebote 2.5 Delay DIY project from Tonepad. It probably took a month for it to arrive. I was just about to write it of as a scam before it showed up at the post office.

It would probably have been a great product if the seller hadn’t swapped a few components. Even after switching to the original components, the project was still too big to fit into the casing. I put it into a standard plastic casing instead so it ended up looking crummier than the original.

Some essential instructions for where to solder the power, pots and stomp switch to the circuit board were missing. After some googling I found the info needed. But hey – it works!I learnt a lot from all the problems I had. So a great bad experience.

If you want to build guitar effect pedals then have a look at this page. It explains everything in great detail, it’s really impressive. I got the tip from my maker friend Liam Lacey who built a few cat themed Fuzz FX pedals.

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