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The Stormtrooper hack

I bought a dancing Stormtrooper in Tokyo that I hoped was going to interface with our Hello Kitty and Goofy. To my disappointment Disney had decided that combination to be too silly so they’ve made sure to have flipped connectors on the Stormtrooper and different size podium to make sure the toys do not match up properly.

I thought it would be possible to hot-wire them together by building my own cable. They are all Disney products made in China and they all behave in the same way, so I was pretty sure that a simple cable would solve it. I used some jumper wires I had laying around and used my Dremel to make the female ends of the jumper wires fit the male connector of the toys.

Judging by the popularity of the short video i posted on Instagram and Facebook, I think my friends misunderstood the simplicity of this hack. Or possibly they thought what I thought when I first laid my eyes on the Stormtrooper – it would be fun to connect it to other non Star Wars characters.

This is maybe not the work I would like to be remembered by but still a fun 30 minute Sunday hack.

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