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The Midi Thief on the Audiovisual Academy

A couple of my tutorials are now featured on the Audiovisual Academy site. You can even get them with english and russian subtitles. You have to join the academy (for free) to watch them. There’s a bunch of other stuff to watch and learn on that site so be sure to check it out.

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Instructions at Volt 2011

Ben and I will be performing with our visual act Instructions at the Volt Festival on june 11th. Ben is arriving from London tonight for our traditional preparations and pre festival drinks.

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Mapping workshop at Arvika Music Camp

I will be doing a video mapping workshop at the Arvika Music Camp (Sweden). Saturday night I will also make a performance at the Tiki Room which will be 50% traditional projection and 50% video mapping.

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The USB port breaks again

This is the second time the USB port breaks on my Korg Nano Kontrol. It’s so damn easy. It wasn’t under warranty any longer and it would almost cost almost as much to get an estimate for repair as buying a new one. I got a good deal from the good people at Jam in … Continue reading

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I’m stepping down as leader of Pixelvärk

As of about two weeks ago I am no more fronting the Pixelvärk festival as it’s leader. For personal reasons I’m cutting down my involvement in various projects. I will probably remain in the organization and contribute if I have time. I will still be involved with the Swedish VJ Union but as always, my … Continue reading

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