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These are modules (or plug-ins if you will) for the VJ software Modul8 that I have written in Python.

The (tmt) Slide Frames module

This is a Modul8 module that plays videos and folders with images frame by frame. When you use a folder of images you are not bound by the limits of the media set – you can use as many images as you like. For timing you have two options: “Time” which is 1-30 seconds. Use the … Continue reading

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The Watch Folder Loader Module

I have made a Modul8 module that will automatically load newly added files from a specified folder into the media set.

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Animated GIFs in VJ sets

Animated GIFs has been the preferred formats by hipsters the last year or so. I thought it would be fun to use these GIFs in VJ sets but unfortunately the format is not supported by the major VJ apps on OSX. So I thought it was about time to investigate how to make it work.

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Ableton Live <- OSC - > Modul8

This is a proof of concept. If you install the OSC folders from the mlrV4live* package you can get Ableton Live to send and receive OSC messages. Modul8 doesn’t of course react to OSC messages from Live but with some minor alterations of the OSC (global) module I got it to translate the messages to something useful.

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