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This is a project that was initiated by Jonas Bers. The original version uses the same hex inverter as I used in the Thunder Honey synth. After experimenting a bit I decided to use LTC1799 oscillators instead of the 40106 hex inverter. The brain in this project is a Chinese VGA test image generator that … Continue reading

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Digital-Analog session at DAC

A couple of weeks ago I did an analog-digital VJ session at an art opening hosted by Digital Art Center in Kista.

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Malmöfestivalen 2014

I made some sort of comeback in August this summer. I got invited to the Malmöfestivalen by my friend Raquel Meyers and I felt that I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to perform again.

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Glitch & the jellyfish

Last weekend I got to play around with this clip I shot at Berlin Zoo a year and a half ago.

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BookClub – Where two worlds meet

BookClub is a Quartz Composer file for VDMX that pulls book covers from Readmill. This is a lite project I made when I visited the Shiffihack session at the Readmill office in Berlin a week ago.

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The video from Volt 2011

Me and Synthetics performing visuals for Nomaton. Thanks to Anders Carleö for the camera work.

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Volt 2011 – The short report

I had a good time at Volt again. There were more people this year despite the sunny weather. The music acts held very high standard. Ben and I were teamed up with Nomaton which happened to be a really good combo. Our grainy old school graphics went great with Nomaton’s dark gritty sound. To amuse … Continue reading

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Ableton Live <- OSC - > Modul8

This is a proof of concept. If you install the OSC folders from the mlrV4live* package you can get Ableton Live to send and receive OSC messages. Modul8 doesn’t of course react to OSC messages from Live but with some minor alterations of the OSC (global) module I got it to translate the messages to something useful.

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A video from the VJ Festival in Erlangen

I did a quick edit of the footage that Erik Schneider shot from our Instructions gig at the VJ Festival in Erlangen. Now when we get high quality documentation I should really learn how to make high quality edits.

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Getting ready for Erlangen

I’m preparing for the VJ Festival in Erlangen, Germany, where Ben and I will perform with our VJ act “Instructions“. We’re continuing were we left of at the Le Petit Orb gig. I’ve been experimenting with reflections and shadows in my studio capturing them on a DSLR camera and preparing them for mixing in Modul8. … Continue reading

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