Tutorial: iTunes2Syphon

Tutorial: iTunes2Syphon

iTunes2Syphon is a iTunes visualizer made in Quartz Composer that sends mp3 track info as an image to a Syphon server so that it could be picked up and displayed in another application that supports Syphon. This tutorial shows how to install it and make it appear in Modul8 and in VDMX.

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Syphon input in Modul8

Syphon input in Modul8

While waiting for Modul8 to get real Syphon input you can use this method to achieve it.

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The video from Volt 2011

The video from Volt 2011

Me and Synthetics performing visuals for Nomaton. Thanks to Anders Carleö for the camera work.

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Volt 2011 – The short report


I had a good time at Volt again. There were more people this year despite the sunny weather. The music acts held very high standard. Ben and I were teamed up with Nomaton which happened to be a really good combo. Our grainy old school graphics went great with Nomaton’s dark gritty sound. To amuse … Continue reading

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Instructions at Volt 2011

The Volt Festival

Ben and I will be performing with our visual act Instructions at the Volt Festival on june 11th. Ben is arriving from London tonight for our traditional preparations and pre festival drinks.

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The Squirrel Project


Those of you who follow my Twitter knows that I’m working on a squirrel project together with my wife. It’s for an upcoming squirrel blog and therefore I have the opportunity to hang out with these little creatures between 7-9 every weekday morning.

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Mapping workshop at Arvika Music Camp

Arivika Music Camp

I will be doing a video mapping workshop at the Arvika Music Camp (Sweden). Saturday night I will also make a performance at the Tiki Room which will be 50% traditional projection and 50% video mapping.

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Video mapping on a Volvo Concept car

Volvo Concept Universe

I heleped Filmpoint/Startsladd with a projection mapping on a Volvo concept car. The first video including mapping clips was just released. I spent 4 days in Gothenburg with pre production, tests and a final well deserved sleep session. We only had access to the concept car for a few hours so we had to know … Continue reading

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Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas

I tweeted this but I feel the need to blog it too because it’s so damn good and funny. My cousin Johannes Nyholm just put up a trailer for his award winning short movie “Las Palmas”. It won the prestigious “Startsladden” award for best short film during the Gothenburg International Film Festival as well as … Continue reading

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The USB port breaks again


This is the second time the USB port breaks on my Korg Nano Kontrol. It’s so damn easy. It wasn’t under warranty any longer and it would almost cost almost as much to get an estimate for repair as buying a new one. I got a good deal from the good people at Jam in … Continue reading

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