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  1. Ryan Laplante Ryan Laplante

    I have 3 exactly like this, so lame!!

    hope they fixed it for nanokontrol2!!

    Gonna pick on up on Friday.

  2. Personne Personne

    In the bottom of the place where the piece is broken it is wrote CON2 : can’t we use this to connect the usb cable ?

    • Do you mean directly, without the port? Maybe, I didn’t try that. I tried to solder the port back to the board but I was way to clumsy to make it work. It seems like an easy fix for someone with better soldering skills however.

  3. I should point out as well: The four corners are not hard to solder, it’s the 4 (or 5?) little connector pins that are hard. Those are the ones pointing upwards on the broken off port. My soldering iron and my sausage fingers prevented a positive outcome of that project.

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