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The Simple Passive Glitcher

For a long time I’ve been wanting to make video glitch hardware but I didn’t know where to start. At a¬†electric flee market I stumbled upon a bag of VGA breakout boards and thought that the VGA signal must be pretty convenient to hack into since all signals are split up on different pins. Said … Continue reading

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Arduino TV Out

I was trying to make the Arduino TV Out project work. You can do some simple black & white stuff. The hard part is getting a video signal strong enough to show up and lock vertically on a monitor or a projector.

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Glitch & the jellyfish

Last weekend I got to play around with this clip I shot at Berlin Zoo a year and a half ago.

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Two time-lapse movies

I made my first two time-lapse videos during my summer vacation. Maybe I should have looked up some how-to pages before I got started to avoid some basic errors. But the turnout was at least interesting.

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The Squirrel Project

Those of you who follow my Twitter knows that I’m working on a squirrel project together with my wife. It’s for an upcoming squirrel blog and therefore I have the opportunity to hang out with these little creatures between 7-9 every weekday morning.

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Video mapping on a Volvo Concept car

I heleped Filmpoint/Startsladd with a projection mapping on a Volvo concept car. The first video including mapping clips was just released. I spent 4 days in Gothenburg with pre production, tests and a final well deserved sleep session. We only had access to the concept car for a few hours so we had to know … Continue reading

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Getting ready for Erlangen

I’m preparing for the VJ Festival in Erlangen, Germany, where Ben and I will perform with our VJ act “Instructions“. We’re continuing were we left of at the Le Petit Orb gig. I’ve been experimenting with reflections and shadows in my studio capturing them on a DSLR camera and preparing them for mixing in Modul8. … Continue reading

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Best Vacation Movie Ever

I decided to create a format for my holiday documentation. I have always been intrigued by people filming their whole vacation. Are they ever going to watch that? Wouldn’t it take weeks to edit the vast material? So when my wife and I went to Singapore and Bali this summer I decided to film with … Continue reading

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Best Vacation Movie Ever > Trailer

“What are people really thinking when they are filming their whole vacation? Are they going to edit that? Are they ever going to watch it? Stay tuned for the ultimate solution!”

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