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  1. hello!
    i just watches the tutorial for the touch osc set up. i did everything exactly like you told it. i connected my iphone threw wifi, edited a osc map, added it on my phone. then i tryed to make a midi map with it, and it didnt react.. i tryed it again and again… nothing.

    there are other options in the osc app, which i disabled all. maybe this is the mistake? i dont know. maybe you can tell me what to do, because i am not the best with all that settings…

    hope you get my english! 😉


  2. One mistake some people do is to not fill out the midi info in the TouchOSC editor. It’s very hard to predict weher you went wrong with the info you provided. Here’s a checklist I wrote on the Vimeo page for the video:

    – Is the network setup and running? Are you connected to it?
    – If you have a later version of Modul8 you should be able to see the MIDI network under Preferences under the Key/MIDI mapping tab. Make sure your network is not unchecked for some reason.
    – You can download the DirectEventViever (tool) from the the Garage Cube tab in Modul8’s On-line module library and watch if you are receiving any MIDI in M8.
    – In the TouchOSC Editor, did you do check MIDI for your controls and fill in values that don’t conflict with other MIDI devices you have running?

    Shortly after this tutorial was made, Hexler released a software called TouchOSC Bridge that makes it easier setting up the Midi network between TouchOSC and your Mac. You can try that as well if that’s the part that’s not working out for you.

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